20.8 km
Spring of Hron
Other attractions
The River Hron is the second longest Slovak river, and therefore deserves due attention. Hron measures 298 kilometers, flows only through Slovakia and flows into the Danu...
22.4 km
Sundial in Drienčany
Other attractions
The sundial is a historical means of measuring time, but you will not find it anywhere in the world as it is found on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Drienčan...
29.1 km
White exsurgence (Biela vyvieračka)
Other attractions
Silická Plain hides a beautiful karst exsurgence, also known as Biela vyieračka (White exsurgence). There is no wonder about that, the locality is part of the Slovak Kars...
31.8 km
Dobročský primeval forest with a guide
Other attractions
NPR Dobročský prales is one of theoldest protected nature reservesin Slovakia, with a history of protection that dates back to 1913. This unique area is valuable for the ...
Čierny Balog
34.3 km
Outdoor escape game - Hunt for the agent
Other attractions

Kovac is an ordinary civil servant in Nitra or so we thought. But by a coincidence we found out that he wants to sell important state secrets abroad. We have to prevent t...

35.3 km
Observatory and Astropark
Other attractions
The sky above us offers a magnificent star theatre at night. If you would like to learn more about our solar system and discover the star veil, come to the observatory an...
Rimavská Sobota
36.3 km
Cycling trail Kamenistá Valley
Other attractions
The Kamenistá Valley is a paradise for cyclists. You will be pleased not only by the varied terrain, but also by the magnificent views and picturesque forest coves. The ...
40.5 km
Stay at Park Hotel Čingov + entrance to Aquacity Poprad
Other attractions
Wild gorges, canyons, beautiful waterfalls, untouched nature - welcome to the Slovak Paradise and Park Hotel Čingov. You will find accommodation in a quiet environment, r...
41.8 km
Wellness stay in Hotel Sipox
Other attractions
Imagine sweetness of doing nothing in the hot tub, the proximity of the mountains and clean air. Treat yourself to a delicious coffee while observing your kids playing in...
42.7 km
Escape room Bermuda
Other attractions
You will be part of a scientific expedition that will try to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. However, during the adventure flight, there will be complications....
43.2 km
Rope park Tarzania Tále
Other attractions
Experience an unforgettable adventure in the Tarzania rope park in Tále. Fun for children and adults awaits you in the treetops. Overcome your fears and cross different ...
Bystrá - Tále
43.5 km
Gray Bear Golf Course in Tále
Other attractions
Gray Bear Golf Course is situated in the Tále recreation area. The course is specific for its mountain scenery, which is rich in natural beauties and its natural dominati...
Horná Lehota
44.3 km
German military cemetery Važec
Other attractions
The Važec military cemetery was completed in 1998 and approximately 6,500 German soldiers from the battlefields of eastern and central Slovakia have found their last rest...
44.8 km
Amphitheater Východná
Other attractions
The village of Východná has preserved its traditional folk architecture. The wooden area in the village is a venue for ethnographic festivals with a direct view of the ma...
45.5 km
Farm in Východná
Other attractions
On our bio-farm, you can peep into the preparation of our cow and sheep feed, watch live milking process, milk our adult cows as well as visit a calf nursery where you ca...
47.1 km
18-hole minigolf Aplend
Other attractions
Unique course of 18-hole minigolf only 5 km from Poprad and 8 km from the High Tatras in the area of APLEND Tatry Holiday Resort in Veľký Slavkov. Adventure Golf came to...
Veľký Slavkov
47.8 km
Wellness stay in Alexandra Wellness Hotel
Other attractions
You wake up in the morning, open the window and breathe in the fresh air. Wherever your eyes can see, there is only beautiful nature and silence that energizes you. If yo...
Liptovský Ján
48.3 km
New Štrbské Pleso
Other attractions
There is probably no tourist who would not know the most famous Tatra lake - Štrbské Pleso. However, only a few know that this beautiful natural gem has its "twin", albei...
Štrbské Pleso
48.5 km
Cycling tour Svidovské Saddle
Other attractions
If you are thinking about how to do sports with a small child, cycling tour to the Svidovské Saddle is an ideal idea. You can complete this short but intense trip in 1.5 ...
Liptovský Ján
48.7 km
Lakes of love
Other attractions
Few people suspect that there are two smaller water treasures near our most famous and largest Strbské pleso. Lakes of love were originally called Štrba ponds. The founde...
49.4 km
Icefall of Šikľavá skala
Other attractions
The area between the villages of Matejovce nad Hornádom and Chrasť nad Hornádom is transformed into a fairy-tale ice kingdom during the harsh winter months. Thanks to the...
Chrasť nad Hornádom