• GPS: 48.80755, 22.01215

The Kamenec resort is located between the picturesque villages of Kaluža and Kamenec, only 11 km away from Michalovce.

The resort is characterized by gravel beach and is a popular holiday destination not only because of the bathing but also thanks to its great entertainment. The endless whirlwind of entertainment can be found in the Motel Kamenec, where discos are held regularly during the summer.

The resort is suitable for all kinds of water sports and attractions include a water slide situated in a beautiful bay, a funfair or go-kart track.

There are several buffets with good and especially tasty food. In addition, during the season, Kamenec is a pedestrian zone lined with a variety of sales stands with various assortments.

Accommodation is provided in a campsite, or you can use the services of hotels, guesthouses, or stay in a quiet cottage area.

Hiking enthusiasts as well as history lovers can explore the surroundings of the Vinné jazero (Wine Lake), the Viniansky Castle or the Morské oko (Sea Eye) Nature Reserve.

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Anna Dudová • Jul 2022
„Tak pozor na ubytovanie v chatkách v obl. Kamenec. Najmä v blízkosti kolotoča. Je tam aj autokára. Plno deciek a ich rodičov. Plno áut -ale aj strašne úzka cesta. Životu nebezpečná. Stavajú sa tam aj dnes stále nové chaty- vily s veľkými pozemkami- ale chodník žiaden. Ani len uzučký pre mamičky s kočíkmi. A po tej uzulinkej cestičke, plnej zákrut chodia aj nákladné autá. Chráň BOH, aby sa tam niečo zlé stalo. Tak čo robí tá dopravná polícia?“

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