Between the villages of Zámutov and Rudlov, there is a nature reserve of Zámutovské skaly (Zámutovské Rocks), dominated by majestic rocks. These are among the most important natural creations that can be found and explored in the Slanské Hills.

The vast complex of rocks is overgrown with the original oak vegetation, so this place has a truly unique charm. You can admire 10-meter-high rock walls, turrets, diverse spurts, but also time-wasted rock debris.

The highest point in the massif is the Čierna skala (Black Rock), which was used in the past as a place to hide, so here you can find a defensive wall as well. From the top, you will have a nice view of the surroundings. The northern side of the massif, whose length is approximately 300 meters, is mainly used as a climbing terrain.

Hiking to Zámutovské Rocks is not demanding and suitable in any season. The attractiveness of this massif is also added by the fact that there are other peaks sought by tourists, namely Šimonka or Praporec. An excellent starting point is the village of Zámutov, where it is necessary to follow the blue-marked route (about 4 km).

You may need some: accommodation district Vranov nad Topľou
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Kamil Jurko • Mar 2024
„Rozjebana draha od LKT celá turistická trasa je zničená vsade blato bahno a koľajiska jak keď hitler ťahal na moskvu .výsledok Slovenská hlavne ze 4 lavičky z eurofondoch za 25 tisíc pri drahe“

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