• Orgovánová 3, Trávnica
The time required is approx. 20 minutes.
The time required is approx. 20 minutes.

Certainly the most interesting freely accessible monument in the picturesque village of Trávnica is thefascinating wind well, which is proudly listed among the national cultural monuments in the field of technical heritage.

The iron structure of the wind well with a large wheel was used to pump water into the watercourse, to which the mansion, distillery and horse stable were connected. The wind-driven well in Trávnica worked in such a way that the mast of the wind wheel stood directly above the water source. Water was pumped from the well with a piston pump. During no wind, a reservoir was used for water supply.

A steel tank for water is still located on the distillery building, from which it was distributed to the places where it was needed. The water distribution in the mansion also worked in a similar way. After 1945, the interesting technical monument ceased to be used. As the only one of its kind in Central Europe, it still stands in its place and is functional again thanks to the reconstruction.

However, in order to enjoy the full experience of everything this interesting location has to offer,don't forget to go on the educational trail that leads through the village of Trávnica and its surroundings.

You may need some: accommodation Trávnica
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