• Mlynská 817/17A, Jahodná

In the past, the main component of human nutrition consisted of cereals and cereal products, which were processed by milling in mills. Water mill was one of the most common type of mill that has been used to ease grain processing in the past.

In Slovakia, only four water mills have survived to date. One of them is the Edge Mill in Jahodná. This mill was renovated and declared a technical monument of folk milling.

The precious mill is managed by the West Slovak Power Plants. Thanks to its charming beauty, uniqueness as well as picturesque surrounding nature, it attracts the attention of Slovak and foreign tourists.

Thanks to its charming beauty, uniqueness as well as the picturesque surrounding nature, the rare mill attracts the attention of Slovak and foreign tourists. At present, however, it is fenced off and not accessible to the public. However, you can see it from the outside if you come to it on a boat during the popular rafting of the Little Danube

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