The Palcmanská Maša reservoir could be also called a fairy-tale dam. It is located near the village of Dedinky, which is an important tourist center of the southern part of the Slovak Paradise. It is also the largest water surface in the Slovak Paradise.

Palcmanská Maša, situated in the picturesque Hnilecká Valley, has an area of approximately 85 hectares and is surrounded by steep limestone cliffs of Geravy.

During the summer, it is possible to bathe in it, but it should be taken into account that Palcmanská Maša is one of the coldest reservoirs in Slovakia.

Vacationers and tourists also use it for boating or water sports. The summer shores are overflowing with sunbathing and relaxing visitors from all over Slovakia.

The local village of Dedinky offers holidaymakers many possibilities for accommodation. There are several guesthouses, hotels and enough private cottages or other accommodation facilities.

You can enjoy fine dining in one of the rich restaurants. Local specialties are also worth a taste. You can also try grilling.

You can diversify your stay by hiking and cycling through the unique karst surroundings. And when come here, you should definitely not miss a visit to the nearby Ice Kingdom - Dobšinská Ice Cave.

You may need some: accommodation Dedinky
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