The beautiful surroundings of the Demänovská Valley in the Low Tatras as a glittering diamond are complemented by the natural monument Vrbické Mountain Lake.

It is the largest natural lake in the Low Tatras lying at 1,113 m above sea level. This glacial lake was created by the moraine dyke of the valley and its greatest depth is 8 meters.

A pleasant hiking trail of taking around 20 minutes leads around the entire lake. The walkway offers wonderful photogenic views of the lake and its mountain surroundings. There are also information boards that inform tourists about the variety of flora and the emergence of the lake.

The surrounding of the lake is also enriched with wooden benches or gazebos where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful nature peacefully. Children will certainly enjoy the playground.

For all mountain hiking enthusiasts, Vrbické Mountain Lake represents an excellent starting point for several hiking trails, ascents to peaks or other interesting trips.

If you come here by car, you can park your vehicle at the hotel Pošta. From the parking lot, it is only 200 meters to the Vrbické Mountain Lake via yellow tourist sign.

You may need some: accommodation Demänovská Dolina
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