Birds singing, tree noise or forest sound. Nature lovers can look forward to this all thanks to a 4-meter wooden megaphone that was installed along the bike path near Prešov. When you sit there, you will be enchanted by the amplified sounds of the surrounding nature and you can enjoy a genuine nature orchestra.

The attraction made of wood weighs two and a half tons. It is made of spruce wood and has the shape of a hexagonal pyramid. Thanks to its size, the megaphone can also serve as a shelter for overnight stays or as a shelter from inclement weather.

The megaphone has no competition in Central or Western Europe and only Estonians have similar. Four youngsters from the civic association Voice of the Forest came up with the idea to create it. Their goal is to get more tourists into attractive parts of the forest in the east of our country

The wooden megaphone is located near the cycling route connecting Prešov with the surrounding villages, approximately one km behind the village of Zlatá Baňa in the Dark Forest 200 m from the gazebo and fireplace.

You may need some: accommodation district Prešov
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Anonym • May 2023
„Super napad.....po ceste z alebo do opalovych bani dobra zastavka. Inak nevidela som slovo vynajst v popise. A ani nerozumiem preco niektory ludia musia k atrakcii pre turistov davat odborne komentare. “
cansa007 • Aug 2021
„nikola tesla megafon vynasiel, objavit sa da len nieco co uz existuje. tak ked mudrujem, aspon mudrujem spravne 🙃“
Anonym • May 2021
„Nejak mi to nesedí s definíciou megafónu ... !!! ... Megafón je ručné lievikovité zariadenie, slúžiace k zosilneniu ľudského hlasu a smerovaniu ho do určitej oblasti. Objavil ho Nikola Tesla v roku 1880 ... ttps://ón ...Toto, keď ma slúžiť na načúvanie zvukov lesa podľa toho čo tam píšu sa NEMôŽE volať MEGAFÓN ... !!!“

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