The magnificent rock monument in the Slovak Paradise National Park is the Veľký Sokol Ravine (Big Falcon Ravine). It is situated in the central part of the Slovak Paradise, on the western edge of the Glac Plain.

The passage through this ravine is a true tourist experience, but also a challenging trip. The ravine is almost 6 km long and is rich in waterfalls or cascades and in winter in beautifully frozen icefalls. Its rock walls are high up to 300 meters lining the bottom of the ravine from both sides.

Also due to this truly diverse terrain and exposed sections, the passage through the ravine is also ensured by ladders, step boards, chains and bridges. Each movement requires concentration and caution.

The best starting point to the ravine is the tourist center of Podlesok in the northern part of the Slovak Paradise, or settlement of Píla. From Podlesok, you get to the mouth of the ravine by a green marked trail (Sokol gamekeeper's house).

The ascent is one-way only, the commanded direction is only upstream of the creek and ends at Glacka Road at 899 meters above sea level. The most beautiful and tranquil transition leads through the area called Roth's Gulley, named after mountaineer Martin Roth.

Veľký Sokol Ravine is protected by the highest level of nature protection in Slovakia and is also home to many wild beasts, protected animals and rare plants.

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