The picturesque region of scattered settlements near Sobotište is characterized by a solitary atmosphere, perfect silence, beautiful nature and undisturbed, peaceful life. It is a region that still retains the former peasant lifestyle and cultural heritage of its ancestors.

Many tourists are attracted to these places more or less for intact nature, which offers excellent hiking opportunities for the able-bodied and less able-bodied tourists. A popular location is also a small hill of Uchánok, which offers a very pleasant and relaxing tourism. Below its peak, there is a log cabin, which is set in a beautiful pine panorama.

A log cabin includes table and benches, and wide bunk plank beds for sleeping along the back wall. In case of emergency, it will also provide accommodation for 8-10 tourists. It is intended mainly for the summer season, because it is not possible to heat there in the winter. In front of the house, there is a seating area with table, benches and fireplace. Nearby is a spring, which is a source of water and refreshment.

Beautiful views of the surroundings open from the top as well as from the nearby meadow at the house. Uchánok Hill is accessible from the village Sobotište along a marked hiking trail (about 3 km), which leads most of the section along the asphalt road, so certainly there is no problem to get here by bike.

You may need some: accommodation district Senica
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