Tŕstie is a mountain massif with a distinct peak of the same name, which rises to a height of 1121 m above sea level. The Tŕstie Hill represents a majestic dominant towering over the valley of the Rimava river.

Tŕstie Hill is relatively easily accessible and manageable by even less skilled tourists. The site is characterized by beautiful nature, which has become home to many rare species of fauna and flora. This is one of the reasons why the nature reserve of the same name extends under the top of Tŕstie.

There is also a nature trail leading there, which will introduce you to the local natural conditions. One of the information panels is dedicated to the memory of botanist V. Vraný, who died at the ascent to Tŕstie and who has a monument there. Individual sections of the nature trail will also take you to charming lookout points, from which you will have a beautiful view of the Muran Plateau, High and Low Tatras.

The beginning of the nature trail is in Tisovec (approx. 6 km). You can also get here via other marked hiking trails, for example from Rimavská Pila, from the villages of Krokava or Hačava.

You may need some: accommodation Tisovec
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