• Prostredná, Svätý Jur
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

The town of Svätý Jur can boast of the uniqueness of the conservation area. There are countless monuments just in the small area. The Zichy and the Armbruster families had their mansions here, the Pállfy family owned the manor house, the monastery belonged to the Piarists Order, the Jews had their synagogue and the Christians their churches.

Did you know that personalities like Móric Beňovský, Juraj Fándly or Eugen Suchoň studied at the local grammar school?

Leave the car at home. We will visit the winery in Armbruster's Mansion, and we also have the promise to open the Church of St. George. The connections from all directions by the train or bus are excellent. See

The tour takes about 2 hours and the meeting place is in front of the Evangelical Cemetery - Prostredná Street 2, at the beginning of the town monument reservation. Parking is free anywhere on Prostredná Street.

The tour must be booked in advance by phone.

You may need some: accommodation Svätý Jur
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