The picturesque Temešská Rock, located near the village of Temeš, is a beautiful scenic spot in the Little Magura Mountains. It offers not only charming views, but also great hiking in every season.

An impressive cliff peeks out from behind the surrounding dense deciduous forest, and beneath it, there is an extensive meadow. The northwest slopes of the Temešská Rock are part of the nature reserve with the same name with well-preserved forest communities, especially beech forests, as well as several rare species of fauna and flora.

Dolomite limestone rocky peak offers extensive views of the surroundings. You can admire especially Vtáčnik, Rokoš, Homôlka, Veče, Strážov and Kľak in Lúčanská Malá Fatra, as well as the adjacent deep valleys. The ascent to the summit is not demanding and everyone can manage it. The Temešská Rock is accessible via the yellow-marked hiking trail that leads from the village of Temeš (approx. 1.7 km).

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