If you find yourself near the town of Modra and want to discover its natural beauty, try to skip the traditional and crowded tourist sites in the Little Carpathians and explore somewhat isolated but very picturesque nooks. One of the most unusual is the rock formation called Traja jazdci (Three Riders).

These are quartzite gates, which are characterized by their characteristic gray, in some places even fine gray-pink color. Bizarre rocks are especially familiar to climbers, who have several practice climbing routes available here.

For ordinary tourists, the Three Riders are a perfect viewing point with the possibility of relaxing in the shade of trees of the surrounding woods. However, the rocks are relatively high and steep, so be careful there.

Three riders can be a pleasant stop on a nearby hike Lookout on Veľká Homoľa from where it is only 5 minutes along the red or green tourist brand. However, there are several marked routes also available from Pezinok (approx. 6 km) or from Modra (approx. 7 km), or from Zoch´s cottage (approx. 3 km) from Piesok to the south along Tisové skaly.

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