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If you are a lover of architecture, rare historical buildings or sacral monuments, you should definitely not miss the village of Bíňa. Right here stands the Romanesque rotunda with paintings from the early 12th century.

The site of the preserved Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary and the Rotunda of the Twelve Apostles is the space of the former monastery complex and probably also of the magnate residence. At present, the rotunda belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.

The rotunda has an outer circular housing, and in the interior it is divided into 12 semi-circular niches that symbolize the 12 apostles. The inner diameter of the rotunda is approximately 7 meters.

The solution of the interior of the rotunda has no equivalent in Slovakia. The apse is made up of a shallow alcove (with a maximum width of 360 cm) in the wall, highlighted by a triumphal arch.

It is necessary to arrange a tour of the rotunda in advance by telephone at the parish office in Bíňa.

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„vau to je pekné ja milujem slovenskú históriu a páči sa mi že niesom jediný“

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