• Muránska 18, Revúca

The town of Revúca is a cradle of the formation of the modern Slovak nation as well as an important center of the development of the Slovak standard language in the Hodža-Hattala style, whose origin inspired the birth of the first Slovak Evangelical Grammar School.

Today, it is in the building of the national cultural monument, which served the needs of the Museum of the Slovak Evangelical Grammar School. The museum collects, protects and makes available collection items that tell the story of the first Slovak grammar school.

In addition to the historical premises, visitors are also beautified by attractive permanent exhibitions. They are located on the ground floor of the museum and are installed in four rooms connected by the entrance part of the so-called "dúfart" (corridor).

The opening exposition reveals the history of the town of Revúca, important historical events related to the establishment of the first high school, important personalities working in Revúca and national cultural monuments in the town.

The authentic atmosphere of the school is illustrated by a period-equipped school classroom, which includes old benches, a blackboard, a department, teaching aids, school textbooks, manuscripts and a grammar school register. Last but not least, the school life of the second half of the 19th century is also completed by the interior of the contemporary staffroom.

Part of the exposition of the museum is the black kitchen, which offers a presentation of collection objects and objects of cultural value in the field of folk culture and reminds of the way of eating in the first Slovak secondary school.

In the area of the museum, there is also the Park of Slovak Patriots, where there are two busts - Dr. Ivan Branislav Zoch and Samuel Ormis. The attic space of the museum is used for short-term exhibitions, lectures, discussions, traveling exhibitions, workshops, meetings with writers, musicians and prominent personalities.

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