• Turecká 3, Nové Zámky

Both locals of Nové Zámky as well as the general public can regenerate their strengths thanks to the refurbished relaxation complex, which is divided into two dominant wings.

The right wing is the center of the indoor swimming pool, offering two swimming pools for swimmers - a 25-meter swimming pool and a small children's pool. The water temperature is about 27 ° C, which is the ideal temperature for active swimming.

Professional lifeguards, who are constantly ready to intervene and provide assistance when needed, oversee the safety of visitors. Swimming environment is pleasant, nice, maintained and hygienically clean.

An interesting architectural way is the designed pool hall, which is mostly glazed, so every visitor can enjoy the view of the outdoor scenery. At the same time, these large glass windows are decorated with plenty of live flowers as well as palm trees.

The left wing of the complex is the center of hairdressing, beauty and massage services run by private owners.

A big plus of this "wellness" part is also the beautiful, new sauna made of magnolia wood, which is characterized by a pleasant spicy aroma, an infrared sauna, a relaxation room with a cooling pool and a modern fitness center.

If you come here, you will certainly not be left hungry,** a small bar with a seating area** and a fast food is available here too. In the complex, you can also buy various nutritional supplements and swimming accessories.

You may need some: accommodation Nové Zámky
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