On the border of Slovakia and Poland, there is a monumental and truly striking Svinica Hill. It is located on the main ridge of the High Tatras and is known to tourists especially because eastwards to Poland, a vast saddlebow projects from the massive which is the most difficult tourist route in the whole High Tatras, called Orla Perć.

During the summer season, Svinica Hill is frequently visited. The views that you get from its top are really worth the strenuous ascent. In good weather, you can see the valleys in Poland, West Tatras, Kriváň or Gerlach Peak.

Near the Svinica hill there is a cableway station from Poland to Kasprov Hill, which will certainly make your climb easier. For long distance hikers, we recommend starting from the village of Podbanské (about 16 km) or from the crossroads of Tri studničky (Three Wells).

You may need some: accommodation Pribylina - Podbanské
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