The sundial is a historical means of measuring time, but you will not find it anywhere in the world as it is found on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Drienčany. It is a Slovak rariry and a tribute to the most famous Slovak fairy tale writer.

The sundial at the village of Drienčany is a part of the Drienčanský Karst educational trail, so that even a tourist from far corners of the world can find it easily.

The clock is built on the ground and made of wood and stone with a diameter of 7 meters. Part of the lessons are wooden sculptures of figures from famous Slovak fairy tales by Pavel Dobšinský who worked here.

In these unusual sundials, you can find faity-tale characters like Janko Hraško (Tom Thumb), Janko and Marienka Hansel and Gretel), as well as negative characters as a hag or witch.

During the winter, these sculptures are kept in the local authority's deposit to prevent damage from the weather. They show them again at the beginning of spring.

In honour of Pavel Dobšinský, there are several "fairy-tale buildings" and statues in village that are also worth visiting too.

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