• Pod násypom, Lamač, Bratislava

After reconstruction, summer swimming pool Lamač is reopened and ready to offer its visitors summer refreshment and relaxation.

The swimming pool area is smaller but fully satisfactory. It offers three stainless steel swimming pools: large, recreational and children's pool. The water in the pools is clean and pleasantly refreshing, which you will appreciate especially in the summer heats.

In addition to swimming or relaxing in the pool, you can enjoy the beach volleyball and table tennis. For children, there is a new playground equipped with a house with slide, swings, carousel and sandpit.

The whole area has wheelchair access. Part of the swimming pool is shrouded under the shade of tall trees. The surroundings are grassy, with nice floral and bush planting. Benches placed around the pools also serve to relax.

Hunger and thirst will be quenched in the buffet with friendly and helpful staff, along with sitting under the umbrellas. There are, of course, changing rooms, showers and sanitary facilities too.

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