The picturesque village of Fintice, situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Šarišská Highlands, is surrounded by the Sekčov River and the Stráž Hill, which is an inherent landscape dominant feature. For locals, it is an excellent place for hiking. However, stray shoes of tourists from other corners of Slovakia are increasingly wandering into these parts too.

Stráž Hill is of volcanic origin and its uniqueness, shape and excellent location have been acknowledged by ancient cultures. In the past, the hill was an excellent place to build fortified guard posts. His home was also called the mysterious culture of the so-called people of East Slovak mounds, which is characterized by the fact that it left behind burial places.

The peak itself is forested and therefore offers no views. In addition to the dense forest, which is spread all around here, there is also a reinforced concrete tower with a steel superstructure on which the broadcasting equipment is mounted.

The ascent to Stráž Hill is undemanding. The easiest way to get there is a green hiking trail that starts in Fintice (about 4 km). It is also accessible by green trail from nearby city of Prešov.

You may need some: accommodation district Prešov
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Michal Remiš • Feb 2024
„Ekskej ekskej, v Prešove zelená značka začína na Jánošikovej ulici. Je to vidieť aj na mape.“
ekskej ekskej • Feb 2024
„Kde sa cesta napája z Prešova?? Vie niekto poradiť..“
Oliver Dzurík • Apr 2022
„Vrch Stráž (740m.n.m ) sa nachádza v geomorfologickom celku Spišsko-šarišské medzihorie. :) “

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