• Maďarovská 4, Santovka
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Santovka wellness is a thermal swimming pool located in the picturesque village of the same name. The swimming pool is built in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by rich fauna and flora.

Water in pools is of geothermal origin and has particularly beneficial effects on rheumatic diseases and cardiovascular system.

Outdoor swimming pools are open during the summer season, usually from May to September. Visitors can enjoy summer comfort in five pools. Certainly, the most attractive are sedentary travertine pools in the style of the Turkish pamukkala and massage travertine waterfalls and jets that massage your body and congest your skin.

All pools are filled with geothermal water with a temperature of 27 ° C, which is exchanged at regular intervals, ensuring its maximum freshness and cleanliness.

There is also a Petit Hotel Santé, where you will find a restaurant with delicious food and grilled specialties right in front of you. All the goodies can be enjoyed on the** summer terrace**.

The wellness center in the area provides a year-round indoor relaxation pool with a water temperature of 28-30 ° C.

You can also enjoy the hot tub bath, where the water is heated to your specified temperature. Perfect relaxation will also be induced by crystalline, special salts, which are added to the bath.

Gyms are reserved for yoga and Thai massage. Relaxing days are also held under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

You may need some: accommodation Santovka
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