• Komárňanská 134, Hurbanovo

The Slovak Central Observatory is one of the oldest and most important institutions of its kind in Slovakia. It was established in 1871 as one of the first astrophysical observatories in Europe.

The founder of the observatory, as well as the geomagnetic and meteorological observatory, was Dr. Nicholas Konkoly Thege. The Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo conducts and coordinates observation and research activities in the fields of solar physics, interplanetary matter, stellar astronomy and astronomy history.

For its visitors, it has a rich and varied program that attracts children, adults and professionals alike. The Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo also operates a digital planetarium, which is one of the main attractions for visitors to the observatory.

A part of the observatory area is also a historical park, which is ideal for walking. There is a statue of Nicholas Copernicus in the park and large sundials.

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