• Dlhá 92, Nitra
The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

The Slovak Agricultural Museum was founded in 1922 in Bratislava. Its seat was the building, which is currently used by the Slovak National Museum. Only in 1960 was the seat of the museum moved to Nitra, which since 1978 belongs to the state enterprise Agrokomplex - Exhibition Nitra.

At present, the expositions of the museum are spread over a large area and in addition to the exhibition space, the museum also includes an open-air museum, a Nitra field railway and a library. The Museum's collection contains more than 20,000 exhibits that visitors can see in the following exhibits:

  • The oldest history of agriculture - maps the development of agricultural techniques from the earliest times to the Middle Ages.

  • Traditional crafts and processing - documents traditional technologies for processing plant and animal products.

  • Agricultural machinery and aviation - documents the development of historical mechanization (tractors, seeders, combine harvesters, threshers, rajtars, stationary engines, cheetahs, turbines) from the late 19th to the second half of the 20th century. There are also 2 aircraft, helicopter, aircraft engines and other exhibits documenting the development of agricultural aviation in Slovakia.

  • Protection of peasant farmstead against fire - the exposition is dedicated to firefighting equipment - fire-fighting syringes, fire-fighting cars.

  • Open-air museum - a unique set of folk architecture. Visitors can view 33 objects during the tour, 8 of which can also be viewed from the inside.

  • Farmyard - exposition focused on breeding our original farm animals.

The aforementioned narrow-gauge steam field railway is a rarity, which was transported here from surroundings of Želiezovce. The museum visitors are transported by 4 sightseeing carriages.

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