Skalka Hill is an attractive tourist destination for many visitors to the Low Tatras. The mountain rises on the side ridge protruding south from Kotliská Hill. It is characterized by its grassy peak and eastern cliffs, which fall into the Vajskovská Valley, thanks to which stone seas divided by waterfalls have been created there.

Skalka is a national nature reserve. The subject of its pprotection is a rare complex of habitats of the alpine zone with abundant occurrence of protected animals. While wandering these hills, you can observe chamois, marmots, lynx, but also bears.

The grassy and flat top offers really beautiful views. You will feel like you were right in the center of the western part of the Low Tatras. Breathtaking views of the main ridge of the Low Tatras, the High Tatras and the Western Tatras, or the adjacent valleys, will catch your heart.

An interesting feature of the Skalka hill are its basically three peaks, between which there is a recess audio - visually isolated from the surroundings. You can enjoy the complete silence, which will surely be a remarkable experience for you.

The ascent, to Skalka Hill can be started in Dolná Lehota (approx. 12 km) or Demänovská Dolina (approx. 7 km). Marked hiking trails will take you from all these points to the summit. The favorite route is also the one that starts at the mountain hotel of Srdiečko (about 9 km), then carry on by cable car to Chopok, then to Krížský Saddle and Kotliská Hill.

You may need some: accommodation Dolná Lehota
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