Among the tourists who like the Greater Fatra, the hill is very well known and often associated with the nearby hill of Tlstá. These two charming hills dominate the region of Upper Turiec. Both hills offer excellent tourism, attractive for both demanding and less demanding tourists.

The Ostrá hill is characterized by its two striking rocky peaks - eastern and western. Both peaks offer beautiful views of the afar. You will have the whole Turčianska Valley lie open.

Thanks to the rocky peaks and rock towers in their immediate vicinity, Ostrá is one of the most exceptional and truly attractive hills, as most of the hills in the Greater Fatra are characterized by grassy uplands.

Several marked hiking trails lead to the hill of Ostrá. A popular starting point for tourists is the village of Blatnica (approx. 5 km). The route is more demanding in the upper sections of the ascent and is therefore secured by auxiliary chains and stairs.

You may need some: accommodation Blatnica
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