Location of Senianske ponds is an ideal trip in nature created for families with children. Senianske ponds are located to the east of Michalovce, under the Vihorlat massif, where the ground is washed by waters of Zemplínska Šírava.

Nature has provided excellent conditions for the creation of so-called** Senianska depression, which has been waterlogged and swampy for centuries. Breeding ponds have been built here, which have also become **home to a number of rare and endangered bird species.

The territory of Senianske ponds is also place of national nature reserve with the same name. The site is led by educational trails of a total length of almost 17 km, and mostly cycling.

The reservation is open all year round. However, if you want to experience something unusual and truly unique, you should come here at the end of March. A large number of bird species will fly over your heads at this time.

You can get to the reservation from several starting points, such as the villages of Iňačovce (about 1 km) or Senné (about 1 km). No matter from where you go to this location, make sure to look at this beautiful piece of land from above. Lookout towers standing at the dam of the ponds will help you do this.

You may need some: accommodation district Michalovce
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