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The most important salt deposit in Slovakia is the site named Solivar - today the part of the city of Prešov. Right here, in the Leopold shaft, rock salt was mined in the past and brine was pumped. Today, after these glorious times, only the technical monument Solivar in Prešov, which dates back to the 17th century, remains.

The historical area of the National cultural monument of Solivar in Prešov is one of the most important and most visited technical monuments in Slovakia. In 2001, in the premises of Digester House František building opened an exhibition entitled History of salt mining and production in Solivar.

The architecturally most impressive object of the entire complex, which formed the dominant of the former Solivar, is the Salt Warehouse. For centuries, it was used to store, handle or distribute salt. At present, this building has a new multifunctional socio-artistic space designed for exhibition, presentation, congress or educational activities.

In addition to the reconstructed Salt Warehouse, there are other technical facilities in Solivar that visitors can view:

  • LEOPOLD CAPSTAN SHAFT - A pit with a depth of 155 m, above which the building of the capstan was built as one of the largest in Central Europe.

  • "ČETERŇAS" - brine dispensers.



  • CLAPPER - announces the start of working hours and other significant or extraordinary events to employees of the company.

The complex of monuments of Solivar is managed by Slovak Technical Museum. Guided tours are available.

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