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Rocky dwellings in Brhlovce are rare buildings and a unique jewel of Slovakia, of which only few people are aware. It is a complex of rock dwellings carved into tuff.

In the past, these dwellings served as protection against the Turks, later as houses for the poor. Nowadays, these rock dwellings are a conservation area of folk architecture.

These rocky dwellings are interesting not only to look at. They have a unique feature - they cool in summer and warm in winter. These extremely rare dwellings are proof of a peculiar but clever way of life.

The Tekov Museum in Levice set up an exhibition here. This documentary shows a special form of folk architecture and housing from the end of the 19th century to the 1950s. For low admission, you can find yourself in a tufted rock-cut room while viewing various stone tools, folk furniture, pottery or kitchen inventory.

Many visitors will surely be surprised that some of the rock dwellings are still inhabited. Others are used as wine cellars or farm premises.

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