The dominant feature of the upper Gemer region is the limestone massif of Radzim belonging to Stolické Hills. The Radzim massif is not very popular with tourists and is more popular with lovers of quiet and less frequented tourist areas.

Radzim has two peaks - Greater Radzim (991 m asl) and Little Radzim (961 m asl). It is one of the few massifs that are left in their natural, wild state more or less without human intervention. There are places of interest here - rocky abysses, which are balancing on the edge of the stairs and few enter here.

The slopes of Radzim also hide some remarkable caves such as the Great Cave at Radzim and the Great Abyss below Radzim. The top parts are decorated with distinctive, bouldery, limestone passages, which also provide beautiful views of the surroundings.

You can reach Radzim from several directions. The best exit route leads from Brdárka (about 2 km). The officially marked hiking trail ends at Vdovčíkovo sedlo. From there, you need to go on a trampled path that will take you to the peaks of the Greater and Little Radzim.

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