Prečín Rock is a protected natural monument in the administration of the Protected Landscape Area of Strážovské Mountains. It is a morphologically interesting set of rock formations - carbonate pudding stones and breccias with the occurrence of protected species of plants and animals.

Prečín Rock is also a popular rock climbing terrain. Climbing is possible from 1.7 to 31.12.

It is located at the main road in the direction from Považská Bystrica behind the village of Prečín, where a narrow rocky strip emerges from the forest on the left side, with a rocky tower and a visible cross at the end. On the right side above the road, there is a rock tower of Nepránka. Sandy pudding stone with insufficient breakdown with low mechanical resistance provides very hard climbing on sharp holes in walls, no more than 20 meters high.

You may need some: accommodation district Považská Bystrica
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