Poľana is one of the most precious complexes in Slovakia. The difficult availability of its territory and its specific location also contributed to this.

Most of the territory of Polana is occupied by dense, impenetrable forests, often with primeval character. The original spruce forest is preserved in the highest parts of Zadná Poľana (Back Poľana). And as if in the middle of it, in the extinct crater of the stratovolcano, the forest settlement of Kyslinky lies.

The Poľana - Kyslinka Educational Trail, which is being renovated and so attracts more and more tourists who want to discover this unique place, leads here. On the route of the educational trail, visitors will *learn about the natural values of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area. *

The start of the educational trail is close to the Kyslinka Forest Administration, about 9 km from the village of Hrochoť. The walkway has two circuits - longer and shorter. The longer circuit has 17 stops with a length of 17 km, and the starting and final stop is in Kyslinky. The shorter circuit is more comfortable and has a length of 8.5 kilometers.

Visitors to Kyslinka will also be enchanted by the typical settlement atmosphere - far from the city or the achievements of modern times. Only wide and dense forests, game, typical forest buildings with surrounding farms.

Something about the former way of life is suggested only by the preserved torso of the narrow-gauge forest railway, which connected the settlement with the surrounding world, or the abandoned railway telephone box and the remains of bridge structures.

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