• Sobotské nám. 1773/33, Poprad - Spišská Sobota

The beginnings of today's Sub-Tatran Museum in Poprad date back to the second half of the 19th century. It was at this time that the Sub-Tatran Museum was founded by the Hungarian Carpathian Association - the first tourist association in Hungary. Currently,the museum records more than 52,500 pieces of collection items

The museum also has a branch in Spišská Sobota, where it is located in an originally burgher house, which stands in a row of buildings on the historic square in the urban conservation area - Spišská Sobota.

In this object, the Sub-Tatran Museum in Poprad presents through several exhibitions the past, social and economic development of the municipalities of Upper Spiš - Poprad, Veľká, Matejovce, Stráž with an emphasis on Spišská Sobota.

The exhibition "Guilds and Crafts" is situated on the second floor in two separate rooms. It presents collections of guild character, such as various guild vessels, calling boards, signboards, guild signs, or guild documents.

The second exhibition "Burgher Housing" presents a burgher's study room on the ground floor, furnished with furniture from the beginning of the 20th century and other period objects. Upstairs, the tour continues in two smaller rooms, where the visitor will find clothing and home accessories and a bedroom of the bourgeois family.

The exhibition "Nobility and Humility" is devoted to sacral art representing art-historical objects from the 17th to 19th centuries, which originate mainly from northern Spiš and in the past formed part of church interiors.

The last exhibition of "Personalities of Spišská Sobota" is a permanent exhibition through which visitors have the opportunity to get to know the most important natives and other personalities from the political, cultural, economic and social life of Spišská Sobota.

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