Would you believe that we have a church in Slovakia, which is said to have grown from plants? This unique architectural style, which also surrounded by a certain amount of magic, can be seen with your own eyes in the village of Debraď in eastern Slovakia.

The Plant Church of St. Ladislaus, as it is known among locals, is situated in a beautiful and quiet place surrounded by majestic trees. The church fits perfectly into this purely natural environment. Its walls and roof are made of wood and climbing green.

The unique sacral building is built on the foundations of a ruined temple from the 13th century. Like other buildings, the church succumbed to the Turkish invasions. The author of its present form is historian Ľudovit Szántai, architect Tamás Gábor and local enthusiasts who decided to revive its former glory.

Atmosphere around the church is really special and exceptional. Since 1989, masses and pilgrimages have been held here regularly. The peculiarity of the place is also enhanced by the attribution of several miracles and revelations that should have taken place here.

Nearby is also a hearty Ladislaus's exsurgence, which is linked to several legends about the Hungarian King Ladislaus I Saint, who in the 11th century passed these parts into the fight against the Kumans.

The surrounding meadow also offers partial views of the ridge of the Volovské Hills with Kojšovská hoľa or the Košice Basin. The chapel can be reached by the yellow hiking trail from the villages of Jasov and Drienovec, tor by he green hiking trail from the town of Moldava nad Bodvou.

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