The picturesque historical mosaic of the town of Podolínec is completed by its precious landmark - Piarist Monastery. The foundations of this early Baroque building were laid in 1642.

A distinctive feature of this monastery is its unusual and elaborate façade, four towers, and a two-tower church in the center, dedicated to Krakow's martyr Stanislaus. The building of the monastery is two-storey and its two-tower church divides the courtyard into two parts, namely the farmyard from the north and the paradise garden from the south.

Interestingly, the individual towers were fully used. There was a kitchen in the northern corner tower (the so-called Rákoci Tower). There was a library in the southeast tower, near the monastic duties, and the sanitary facilities in the west tower. Towers from the outside look slim and spectacular. Each of them reaches up to 44 meters.

In the past, the monastery was the site of the famous Piarist Grammar School - the so-called "Spiš Oxford". Today it houses the Redemptorist novitiate, laical missionary communities, ecclesiastical schools and orphanages.

The interior of the monastery church is a majestic aesthetic work. Visitors can admire frescoes, sculptures, chandeliers, paintings, altar paintings with scenes from the life of St. Stanislaus. Many visitors will notice that the entire space has also unique acoustics.

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