If you want to see marshes of Paris, you don't have to go to France. This largest continuous cane swamp complex is in Slovakia is located near the village of Gbelce in the valley floodplain. TIt was named after experts from Paris, who were responsible for soil drainage, and also for the rive of Paríž (Slovak name of Paris), which creates this marvelous marshland.

The nearly 200 hectare marshland has become home to more than 170 species of birds, 500 different insects, 160 species of spiders and irises. The Eurasian otter and the European pond turtle have their significant abundance here.

Paris marshes are surrounded by beautiful nature and together create a romantic romantic scenery. In 1966, they were included in the list of protected sites, and are also included in the list of marshes protected under the Ramsar Convention.

According to historical records,the Paris marshes have been 3 times larger in the past, but a large part of them have been dried, because the landlords of that time needed land for agriculture. Today, the Paris marshes are an excellent place for a rest or a small trip in the countryside.

The starting point of the trip to the Paris marshes is the village of Gbelce - Trstinova Street. There are two nature trails in the Paris marshes that will take you across the marshes.

You may need some: accommodation Gbelce
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