• OC Mlyny, Nitra
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Kovac is an ordinary civil servant in Nitra or so we thought. But by a coincidence we found out that he wants to sell important state secrets abroad. We have to prevent that!

Can you prevent a state secret falling into the wrong hands in time?

Our interactive outdoor escape game in Nitra is played by your own smartphone or tablet without our personal in city center.

The city game starts at OC Mlyny and continues to Nitra castle.

Difficulty: 1/3 or 2/3
Recommended age: 16 years and older
Number of players: 2 or max 24
Team size: 2 or max 6 players
Number of teams: 1 or max. 4 teams at the same time
Duration: 120 -180 min.
Language: SK/DE/EN

For kids from 10 years old we have a family version of our game - Family Agent hunt. In difficulty 1/3. At least 1 adult person have to play it too.


  • A tablet is better: Smartphone or tablet with operating system iOS (from 9.0) or Android (from 7.0). A tablet is better, so you can all look at the screen better. But with the Smartphone it also works without problems.
  • You do not need an internet connection during the game. Internet is only necessary for downloading the app and the mission.
  • The tracking services must be activated/approved for the app.
  • The battery must be charged. Your smartphone or tablet will be in use during the whole mission.
  • To play the game, you need to print out a black and white sheet.

We will send you the file together with the coupon code by e-mail a few hours after the order. Print it at home and don't forget to bring it to the game. If you don't have anywhere to print the given sheet, you can pick it up at OC Mlyny (starting point of the game) for information. It should be stated that you are going to play an escape game and a sheet will be issued to you.

Important tips and information:

You can redeem the voucher code only once! So make sure you have it on the smartphone or tablet you'll be playing on later. We recommend you have a Wi-Fi connection to load the mission. This way you can easily load the mission at home.

Dates and bookings:

You need to book a date for our escape game in Nitra at least 18 hours in advance.

You may need some: accommodation Nitra
Tourist map (GPS 48.68139, 19.64882)
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