• GPS: 48.68773, 22.10715

Come for new adventures and experience the true western atmosphere in the Nová zem (New Earth) ranch. The ranch is situated in a rural environment surrounded by nature, where you can expect perfect relaxation and many activities.

You can try horseback riding in a round fence and in the surrounding countryside. Of course, there are also lessons of horse riding not only for beginners but also for advanced.

In case you contact the ranch in advance, the instructors are able to prepare an individual tailor-made program for each visitor.

A great attraction not only for children, but also for adults is certainly aquazorbing on the adjacent lake. Children also have a playground with swings, a carousel and a large trampoline. During summer, you can also cool off in the small swimming pool.

There is also a mini zoo with various exotic and farm animals. More active visitors can shoot on a target from air guns.

Horseback riding needs to be booked in advance by telephone.

You may need some: accommodation Blatná Polianka
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