The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

Water reservoir Nosice - Reservoir of Juveniles is a magnificent water work, which was built in the 1950s as part of the postwar industrialization of Slovakia as part of the so-called Váh cascades. The Reservoir of Juveniles is the oldest dam on the river Váh.

Since 1957, a hydroelectric power plant has been part of the reservoir. Nowadays, the reservoir serves as a popular relaxation and recreation site. The Nosice reservoir provides the possibility of active and passive relaxation. Vacationers can choose from a cruise, rowing, sailing, or fishing.

The Water reservoir Nosice has an excellent position. It is surrounded by forests and beautiful nature, which offer a rich network of tourist activities. The reservoir is also an excellent tip for cyclists. There is a cycling route, which is rugged in a certain section and relatively flat at the end.

In the vicinity of the reservoir, there is also the youngest Slovak spa - Nimnica, which paradoxically was built on the basis of the construction of the Reservoir of Juveniles, when a spring, whose water has shown healing effect, was accidentally discovered.

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Anonym • Apr 2024
„No o pláži na kúpanie sa nedá hovoriť, domáci sa chodia kúpať len na miesta, ktoré poznajú- keď tam zrovna nenájdu rybára … brehy sú znečistené naplaveným drevom, ale aj inym odpadom hoci po začatí výkupu PET fliaš je to lepšie, brehy priehrady sú aj tak v žalostnom stave. Padleboardy, surfy, loďky, a iné vodné prostriedky sa tu využiť dajú, ale zasa treba dať pozor na rybárov, ktorý niekedy zavážajú aj do pol priehrady- čo je obmedzujúce…“
Anonym • Jul 2023
„Neviem kde je na priehrade možnosť kúpania a surfovania. Pri hľadaní týchto možností sa domáci na nas pozerali ako na mimozemšťanov. Nikde nie je vybudovaná pláž na kúpanie v priehrade. Cyklotrasy sú slabo značené. “

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