Calvary in Nitra is a nice place that offers an undemanding and short walk, beautiful views, as well as peace and spirituality. Calvary is one of the seven hills on which the city of Nitra stretches, but in fact, it is cut off from the busy center.

At the very top, there are three crosses and the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher with a tower, which once served as an extended guard tower of Nitra Castle. The hill is lined by individual stops in the form of tiny, bricked Neo-Romanesque chapels with reliefs depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

It is a place where pilgrims meet regularly, but it is also attractive for ordinary visitors. For the inhabitants of Nitra it is a pleasant place for a small walk, which is also suitable for families with children. After a short and gentle ascent, you can admire the beautiful panorama of the city as well as the surrounding hills. There is also a telescope for tourists.

Just below the calvary, in the monastery building, is the Mission Museum, where you can stop for a moment. His exposition consists of artifacts brought by missionaries from the world. You can admire butterflies, animals from different parts of the world, traditional masks of different tribes or objects of daily use.

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