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The oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia is Skalka. It consists of two objects - Malá and Veľká Skalka. Malá Skalka consists of a two-towered church built in Romanesque style. Much more interesting, however, is Veľká Skalka, where ancient monastery is nested.

The magnificent Benedictine abbey was established in 1224. Today, only ruins remain, which mysteriously protrude above the river Váh along the road between Trenčín, part of Zamarovce and Skalka nad Váhom. The complex also includes underground corridors and the original hermit cave, which is the oldest accessible cave in Slovakia.

Veľka Skalka Monastery is a national cultural monument. It is open to the public during the tourist season. A guide service is available during your visit. Between the church at Malá Skalka and the monastery at Veľká Skalka, there is the Malá-Veľká Skalka Nature Trail, which runs through the forest and is 2.2 km long.

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