The military tower on the Jelenec Hill certainly does not belong to the classical lookouts and in a way also represents a somewhat adrenaline experience.

The Jelenec Hill, which is part of the White Carpathians, is in fact a dilapidated military base from the time of socialism, dominated by the tower of the transmitter. Over time, this abandoned military complex has become an unofficial tourist tower.

The military tower rises to a height of 40 meters and the ascent to it as well as the movement around it is at its own risk. However, with some caution, the view is definitely worth it. In the end, only the penultimate platform is open to the public. The tower has three accessible ladders and each floor is 8 meters apart of the other one.

It is up to you, which floor you want to climb, you always get amazing views of the surrounding hills - Veľká Javorina, Myjava Uplands, Čachtice Carpathians, Lieskovská Valley, hills of Květná and Strání, Nová hora, Veľký Lopeník.

The easiest access to the military tower is from Veľká Javorina Hill via a comfortable forest road for about 20 minutes. First on the green route and at the Pod Jelencom turn you will continue with a slight climb up to the top.

You may need some: accommodation district Nové Mesto nad Váhom
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Palo Dnd • Jun 2024
„V ramci turistiky na Javorinu sme zavitali aj na tuto rozhladnu.....a je to ozaj adrenalin, super. Pät poschodi, po 8 metrov.....a ste zrazu v oblakoch, ......len vietor, a krasny vyhlad :-).“

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