Jozef Miloslav Hurban was the first chairman of the Slovak National Council, a Slovak writer, journalist, politician and organizer of the cultural life of the Slovak national movement, an evangelical priest and leading figure of the Slovak uprising of 1848-1849.

Hurban's legacy remains eternally alive for future generations thanks to the memorial in the village of Hlboké. The commemorative room was open to the public on 18 March 1967 to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of J.M. Hurban.

An exposition dedicated to life, national activities and works of J.M. Hurban is installed in the building of the former church school in the center of the village. At the same time, the commemorative room draws attention to Hlboké as the birthplace of his son, a significant writer and history figure, Svetozár Hurban Vajanský.

A priest Juraj Chochol was entrusted to collect materials and important historical documents about J.M. Hurban. Mr Chochol, along with his wife, led, accompanied, and provided lectures for visitors to the commemorative room until his departure from Hlboké in 1976.

Visits must be booked in advance at the Municipal Office in Hlboké over the phone.

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