The end of the village of Liptovská Lúžna is decorated by charming nature piece, created by a small but very strong river Lúžňanka. The area surrounded by the majestic ridge of the Low Tatras and the dense coniferous forest is just like created for spending free time here.

The flow of the Lúžňanka mountain stream is meandering here due to the noticeable reduction of the slope, while the individual meanders often approach each other and can be easily skipped. The river thus creates the impression that it is flowing up the hill and gaining a rapid fall into the valley beyond the floodplain threshold.

The site is a protected natural area of 1.74 ha. Located at an altitude of about 880 - 900 m. If you want to see this river theater in its full beauty, we recommend a visit from March to May.

The area is not accessible by tourist or educational paths. However, you have no place to get lost and you can get here very easily from the village of Liptovská Lúžna (about 1.5 km) as the marked cycle path leads around.

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