The left bank of the Hornád River is surrounded by massive and steep rock walls, which create a unique landscape scenery. The Markušovce Walls represent an ideal and undemanding trip suitable for all ages. You can visit them in any season of the year.

Markušovce Walls are situated near the railway station in Markušovce, from where the yellow marked trail leads. In 1976, this enchanting natural unique was declared a national natural monument.

Probably the most famous rock formation of this locality is mushroom rock Markušovce. By name you already know that it looks like a giant mushroom of stone. It is about eight meters high and its "hat" diameter is about three meters.

The nature trail passes through the locality as well. It begins in the center of the village of Markušovce, the first part of the educational trail is devoted to historical monuments, the second part is devoted to natural sights.The length of the route is about 6 kilometers, the terrain is mostly flat and suitable for trips with small children.

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