A distinctive hill extending between Jasenská and Belanská Valley. For the most part, it is wooded, but its glacial hill attracts from far and promises beautiful views. Lysec offers a varied variety of natural scenery and impressive tourism, which even the most demanding tourist will appreciate.

The climb to Lysec is not particularly demanding, although the hill dominates the whole area of this part of the Greater Fatra and rises to the heights. A steep climb is to be expected. You can have a little rest at a top meadow dotted with colourful flowers and a beautiful view that you will find here. In good weather, the ridges of the Greater Fatra, Borisov, Ploská, Ostredok and Pustolovčia, or Krížna, the ridge of the Low Tatras and the Western Tatras can be seen.

Meadowy peak offers the opportunity to sit, relax and refresh yourself quite comfortably. Then you just have to return to one of the valleys. Just as you climbed steeply upwards, your descend will be equally steep downwards, so maybe a pair of sticks would be useful.

Under Lysá, there is a chalet with a shelter, which can serve in case of bad weather. The starting point is the village of Belá-Dulice (approx. 8 km away), it is up to you whether you choose the Jasenská or Belanská Valley, both of them will lead you through their marked trails to the destination.

You may need some: accommodation district Martin
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