The time required is approx. 3 hours.
The time required is approx. 3 hours.

An integral part of the city of Prešov and its surroundings are also beautiful mountains, which are characterized by their conical shape and volcanic origin. They are also called hardwoods and one of them is the hill of Lysá stráž (i.e. The Bald Guard) near the town of Veľký Šariš.

The hill is known as an archaeological site, so it is in a viewfinder of many tourists, hang-gliders and paragliders. From the top parts, you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area. Especially the sunrises and sunsets are enchanting from the Lysá stráž. Attractions of the site include interesting rock formations located in the area below the peak.

The archaeological site is proof that the site was once inhabited by people from the Bronze Age, Gáva culture from the Hallstatt era, but also from the time of the old Slavs. There is also an ancient culture called - people of East Slovak mounds. What is strange is that no houses or other types of dwellings have been found in archaeological research after this culture. All that is found are mysterious burial cemeteries.

Several marked hiking trails lead to Lysá stráž, the easiest access is from the villages of Terňa and Kanaš (approx. 4.5 km) by red and yellow tourist trail. The ascent is not demanding and if you still have the strength, you can continue to the neighbouring Veľká stráž (Great Guard).

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Pavol Patoraj • Oct 2021
„Ak sa chcete na lysu straz dostat, urcite nechodte z Terne ale radsej z druhej stranu z Kanasa. Cesta z terne vedie k elektrickej ohrade s dobytkom a obist to v jeseni po mokrej trave asi nebude lahke. Elektricka ohrady su vsade naokolo. Clovek ma pocit ako keby utekal z koncentraku.“

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