The top of the 551 meters high Sveredník Hill is prettified by interesting tourist lookout tower. The cross-shaped wooden structure is 10 meters high and offers impressive views of the surrounding countryside. The Váh river bed, the Hričov water reservoir, but also the city of Žilina, the peaks of Little Fatra and the Súľovské Rocks, all of them you can see lie open.

The footpath from the centre of the village Svederník leads up to the lookout tower and it takes just about half an hour to walk there. It is unpretentious and suitable for families with children. It leads around the birthplace house of the famous painter Vincent Hložník, St. Stephen's Chapel and a pleasant forest. The path is marked with wooden information tables.

If you decide to come by bus from Žilina, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Svedarnik.

Lookout tower is open all year round.

You may need some: accommodation Svederník
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Anonym • Sep 2023
„Však je to správne, zo Svederníka je vidieť Hričovskú priehradu, nie Nosickú. Informácia a aj fotografia je správna. P.S. Výborný a nápomocný článok. 👍🏻“
Alesyx Coder • Jan 2022
„Na vašej priloženej fotografii nie je Nosická priehrada ale Hričovská, Nosická je o 40 km nižšie medzi Považskou Bystricou a Púchovom.“

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