On the hill Inovec, at an impressive height of 1042 meters, there is the steel beauty - the Inovec lookout tower. This highest peak of Považský Inovec offers to all its visitors not only easy and very attractive tourism, but also incredibly beautiful views.

In fact, it is a meteorological telecommunication tower called "Helena". The tower has a total height of 21.5 m and the viewpoint is approximately 17 m high. The view is circular and you can really look far away. Nearby and distant cities can be seen from the lookout tower too. The magnificence of this view is provided by the peaks of the Greater Fatra and the Tatras, the Vršatec cliffs and the hills od Kľak and Veľký Lopeník hills in Moravia.

Access to the lookout tower leads from Inovecka cottage along the marked trail to the Inovec Hill. You can manage this route in 40 minutes. The route is not demanding and is also suitable for families with children. However, if you long for a good 9-kilometer long hike, we recommend you to start your route to the Inovec lookout tower from the village of Trenčianské Jastrabie.

You may need some: accommodation district Trenčín
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Janka Kolenova • Dec 2023
„Pekná prechádzka, rozhľadňa bezpečná, len mi tam chyba popiska, nevedela som na čo sa pozerám. “

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