Kubínska hoľa (grassy uplands) together with the neighboring peak of Minčol reigns Oravská Magura. It is the second highest mountain of this mountain range, rising directly above the town of Dolný Kubín. It is a very attractive tourist destination with a ski resort SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa and nearby Kubínska hoľa Cottage.

Kubínska hoľa is full of natural beauties, offers colorful forest wandering as well as meadows. From the top parts, there are beautiful views of the enchanting landscape of Orava and the surrounding mountains - Choč Mountains, Orava and Kysucké Beskydy, Little Fatra and Greater Fatra, High, Western and Low Tatras.

Hiking through the natural coves of Kubínská hole is ideal in every season. Nature will always offer you a different, amazing view of this country. In addition, during the summer, the gleaming peak of the resort is also ideal for paragliding.

Several marked hiking trails lead to Kubínska hoľa. The starting point is mostly Dolný Kubín, but you can also get here from Oravský Podzámok. Those who do not want to go uphill on foot can use the cable car.

You may need some: accommodation Dolný Kubín
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